Author: Jason Mayeu

September 29, 2021

Cycling for Parkinson’s

Cycling for Parkinson’s YMCA Receives over $15,000 to Support Program that Safely Pushes Class Members to New Limits, Increases Energy Levels and Balance While Providing Support for Those Dealing with a Parkinson’s Diagnosis. In 2018 YMCA member Charlie Matthews was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease (PD). Two years prior to his diagnosis, he was experiencing symptoms:… Read more »

September 15, 2021

Don’t Let Fear of Falls Hold You Back

FALLS PREVENTION WEEKS (SEPTEMBER 20-24): DON’T LET A FEAR OF FALLS HOLD YOU BACK Did you know that one in four older Americans falls every year? Falls are the leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries for people over the age of 65. These startling statistics are why the National Council on Aging (NCOA)… Read more »

September 14, 2021

From Learning English in Brazil to Fulfilling a Dream in the United States

HELEN SALGADO SANTOS: FULFILLING A DREAM, THE AMERICAN DREAM, THROUGH DETERMINATION AND HARD WORK I was 6 years old when I was watching movies with subtitles and listening they speaking English when I knew I needed to learn how to speak English, it sounded so beautiful… Back in Brazil since 5th grade, you learn English… Read more »

September 8, 2021

September is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

  SEPTEMBER IS CHILHOOD OBESITY AWARENESS MONTH: USE THE NEW SCHOOL YEAR TO REFRESH YOUR HEALTHY HABITS AS A FAMILY September is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, and as children and families start their new school-year routines, it’s a perfect time to reflect and refresh your family’s healthy habits. As families settle into new school-year routines… Read more »

August 31, 2021

Investing in the Community and Myself at the YMCA

JACK OLSON: INVESTING IN THE COMMUNITY AND IN MYSELF AT THE YMCA Jack Olson had a plan for retirement. He spent many years traveling extensively for his job over his 27 years in the high-tech industry and in his words, “I wasn’t taking great care of myself. I was overweight. Stressed out, irritable, not sleeping… Read more »

August 25, 2021

YMCA of Greater Nashua Awarded $100,000 in CDC Funds to Increase Adult COVID- 19 and Flu Vaccination Rates

YMCA of Greater Nashua Awarded $100,000 in CDC Funds to Increase Adult COVID- 19 and Flu Vaccination Rates Education and outreach work will address vaccine inequities and advance health equity The YMCA of Greater Nashua has been awarded $100,000 to fund outreach and education efforts focused specifically on building vaccine confidence among communities in the… Read more »