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My Y Story: Barbara Wilkins

  My Y Story: Barbara Wilkins Y member Barbara Wilkins has lost 36 pounds since starting her membership at the organization, and while that is in itself an amazing accomplishment, she feels she has gained so much more in other areas.  Barbara came to the Y because of a weight management program offered through our… Read more »

My Y Story: Liz Kaas

An Instructor’s Journey Through a Parkinson’s Community “Hearing those positive stories is always rewarding to me,” Liz stated when recounting her history in assisting those with Parkinson’s disease through her work at the YMCA. Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disorder that instills a detrimental effect on the body’s nervous system, causing slow movement, tremors, and… Read more »

My Y Story: Ashleigh and Grayson

A Story of Growth and Connection at Camp Grayson’s camp story began when his Kindergarten teacher at the time, Mark McHugh, highly recommended the Y’s Camp Sargent.  Mark knew that his student Grayson, who is on the spectrum, needed structure and nurturing to have a successful experience, all things he felt Camp Sargent could provide. … Read more »

Working Towards Healthy Habits

The Youth Indoor Tri 2024 By: Ben Knutson, a NCC student who is completing an internship with the Y.                    The Youth Indoor Triathlon is an event held at the YMCA that challenges kids in biking, running, and swimming where every kid is tasked to do each of… Read more »

My Y Story: Lynne Boyer

Lifelong Career through the Impact of Camp In 1998 I had just graduated college in Vermont and was spending the summer home back in New Hampshire trying to figure out my next steps in the real world.  I knew I had to get a job and was really hoping for something that aligned with my… Read more »

My Y Story: Michael Shaughnessy

Michael Shaughnessy: Triumph Over Adversity When all odds were against him, Michael looked to the Y, “a place that I have always seemed to reconnect with.” Michael’s passion for soccer came to a sudden halt when he tore his achilles tendon in June, 2022. On his path to recovery he utilized the Y as an… Read more »

A tribute to a Very Special Friend

Remembering Raj Jain “When you think of the Merrimack Y, you think of Raj, like a spirit that moves through the Y” Jo-Anna (Shalom) Armandez-Lefeber shared this emotional tribute of her friend Raj, a long time Y member, who passed away this fall.  Anyone who came in contact with Raj Jain at the Y will… Read more »

My Y Story: Aaron Ruvinsky

AARON RUVINSKY IS 100: A Milestone Worth Celebrating In 1924 Calvin Coolidge was president of the United States, only 20% of Americans owned a car, Macy’s held their first Thanksgiving Day parade and the YMCA of Greater Nashua opened Camp Sargent (more on that later).  The average annual income was $2,196, a new house cost… Read more »