Camp Sargent

  • Camp Sargent is a traditional YMCA Day Camp on beautiful Lake Naticook in Merrimack, New Hampshire. Accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA) and licensed by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, it is the ideal place to have a meaningful summer experience.

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where kids become a community

When the WiFi gets weaker, the connections get stronger!

Join us this summer as we celebrate 100 years of history, fun and youth development at YMCA Camp Sargent.

Since 1924, Camp Sargent has been a place thousands of children and adults have found a community to belong to. At the heart of Camp Sargent is the joy of fun combined with learning and exploration. This all combined with caring adult role models, your camper will have an experience that will last a lifetime.

Camping is about learning new skills, developing character and making friends. But few environments are as special as camp, where kids become a community as they learn to be more independent. Being guided by the four core values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility, you camper will transform learning a skill into confidence in themselves!

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  • Have Summer Camp Questions?

    Registration and Billing Questions
    If you have any questions about your camp registration, billing or your YMCA account, please contact our Camp Administrator at or by phone at 603.598.1533.

    Program Questions
    If you would like more information about how camp will run or what is offered, please contact the director of the camp by clicking on their names below to send them an email.


    Health Forms/Information and Authorized Pickups – You will need to upload immunization records, health information, emergency contacts, and authorized pick up information. This will need to be completed prior to your first day of camp.

  • Financial Assistance

    Not Sure You Can Afford Summer Camp?
    Each year, due to the gratitude of our committed members, staff, and friends, we offer support through the Y Cares Financial Assistance Program during our annual campaign. For details and to begin the process, visit our Financial Assistance page.

  • Summer Fun - Grades K-8

    Grades K-8

    Healthy fun, new friends, adventure, and personal growth and memories that last a lifetime. Campers will experience this and more in Camp Sargent’s Summer FUN camp, a traditional day camp experience. Swimming, boating, archery, nature, arts and crafts, drama, yoga, Ga-ga Ball, board games, fishing, hiking, songs, scavenger hunts and MORE! ALL SUMMER LONG!

    GRADES K-8 PRICE PER WEEK (Weeks 2-10)
    YMCA Family Member: $255
    YMCA Youth Member: $290
    Community Member: $400

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    YMCA Family Member: $51/Day
    YMCA Youth Member: $58/Day
    Community Member: $65/Day

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    Camper can be dropped off beginning at 7 AM and picked up by 6 PM. There is one fee for both pre and post care.
    Per Child, Per Week: $65


    7:00-9:00am – PRE-CAMP*
    8:45-9:15am – Check in on the field (Indoors if inclement weather)
    9:15-9:30am – Morning Meeting/Activity
    9:30-10am – Morning Snack
    10:00am-Noon – Program Time
    12:00-12:30pm – Lunch
    12:30-1pm – Outdoor Group Activities
    1:00-3:30pm – Afternoon Activity Rotation (Most days will include water activity.)
    3:30-4pm – Afternoon Snack and Outdoor Play
    4:00-4:15pm – Dismissal
    4:00-6:00pm – POST CAMP*


    *Child must be registered for this
  • Specialty Camps - Grades K-9

    Grades K-9

    All specialty camp activities will happen in the morning between 9am-12pm. In the afternoon campers will enjoy other activities such as swimming, games, arts, crafts and more.

    YMCA Family Member: $275
    YMCA Youth Member: $300
    Community Member: $425

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    NEW! Art Safari Camp (Grade K)
    There is no better way to learn about nature than to experience it through art. Join us for this exciting art camp where we will go outside and explore the world around us to create masterpieces that are from nature and most importantly inspired by nature.

    NEW! Under the Sea Camp (Grade K)
    Sabastian knew what he meant when he said…”Look at the world around you… right here on the ocean floor!”  Kids can dive in to their love of sea animals and plants, while learning about how they can help protect the oceans.

    Digging for Dinos Camp (Grades K-2)
    Calling all future paleontologists! Excavate an adventure packed with fossilized FUN! Uncover clues of the past as you embark on a prehistoric dino dig, you will learn about these extinct creatures through fun games, crafts, adventures, and hunts!

    NEW! Jungle Safari Camp (Grades K-2)
    Put on your safari hat and grab your binoculars because it’s about to get wild in here! For budding zoologists and naturalists, this camp lets kids take a walk on the wild side while learning about different animals’ habitats eco-systems, and conservation efforts.

    NEW! Once Upon a Time Camp (Grades K-2)
    Once upon a time… a group of magical campers joined us for a week of fairy tale fun! This camp will take you through all of the wonder of fairy tale stories through a variety of activities such as games, art, and acting!

    NEW! Passport to Fun Camp! (Grades K-2)
    Come along on a journey you will never forget. Travel the world with your favorite Camp Sargent travel guide to 5 different locations to learn about their cultures, food, and games they play! You will create your own passport, and get it stamped along the way!

    Superhero Training Camp (Grades K-2)
    Superheroes will receive the training they need to tap their inner superhero potential through the YMCA core values as a base! At the training camp, they will have the chance to create his/her “secret identity,” improve their “super skills”, and make new friends! This is no ordinary camp for ordinary kids: this camp is for HEROES!

    NEW! Level Up Camp (Grades 1-4)
    Let’s make some of your favorite video games come to life! In this camp you will become the characters. We will play some fan favorites with out the screens! Some games we will explore are Mario Cart, Mario Party, Sonic Olympics and MORE!

    Farm Camp (Grades 1-9)
    Combining hands-on farm education and sustainable living is what this camp is all about. Campers will interact with animals each day performing chores, learning how to care for them, and understand their importance on a farm. During their time in the camp, each camper will learn about planting, weeding, composting, and harvesting in our vegetable garden.

    Pokémon Academy (Grades 1-9)
    Have you ever wanted to bring your Pokémon cards to camp, but have always been told NO! Well here is your chance! Come battle with us. In this camp, campers will learn how to play the game, hunt for Pokémon around camp, and even create their own Pokémon cards. Let the battle begin!

    NEW! Secret Spy Academy (Grades 3-4)
    Calling all spies! Get ready for a harrowing spy adventure! Agents in training must follow clues and connect the dots before it’s too late! Campers must work together to crack codes, travel stealthily, and catch villains. Learn the elements of forensic science to solve mysteries. Use what you’ve learned and work together to crack the code and escape before time runs out!

    Camp Sargent Players (Grades 3-6)
    Lights, Camera, Action! In this two week camp campers will learn all aspects about the theater! They will play theater games, and work on putting on a production of their own at the end of the two week session for family and friends!
    Grades 3-4: Aladdin
    Grades 5-6: The Wizard of Oz

    Harry Potter Camp (Grades 3-6)
    Leave Camp Sargent Road and the Muggle world behind us as you transform into a student at Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This camp is a celebration of all things Hogwarts! Wizards will be able to create and taste their very own Hogwart’s snacks, concoct potions, create spell books, create their own magic wands and robes, and so much more! If your inner wizard is dying to get out, then this camp is right up your Diagon Alley!

    NEW! Shout Camp (Grades 3-6)
    Get LOUD. Get PUMPED! Calling all campers with loud voices, enthusiasm, and dance moves! With the help of their counselors, campers will develop their very own cheer and dance routine! They will design coordinating outfits, practice their routine, and will enjoy a Spa Day the day before their performance to relax in preparation for the big show!

    Silly Science Camp (Grades 3-6)
    Your camper will explore their silly side while doing fun science experiments and learning lots of cool new facts. We will be doing super silly science experiments that are cool and easy to do! Campers will love how much fun these make learning!

    NEW! Blast from the Past Camp! (Grades 3-9) Camp Sargent’s 100th Birthday Camp!
    Have you ever wondered what Camp Sargent was like in the last 100 years. In this camp you will learn all about Camp Sargent’s 100 years of history, play games from the past, and participate in many activities that no longer exist at camp! Be a part of history and join us in this special 100th Anniversary Commemorative Camp!

    NEW! Paint Here, Paint There, Paint Everywhere Camp (Grades 3-9)
    Explore Camp Sargent, and let out your inner artist. Campers will travel around camp to different locations to create art. At the end of the week we will set up a walking Art Walk where family, and friends can come see the art the campers created!

    Archery Camp (Grades 5-9)
    One of the most popular activities at camp, campers will learn proper technique and safety
    of this sport. Limit 10 Campers per session.

    NEW! Camp REVAMP! (Grades 5-9)
    We can fix it, yes we can! Join us as we DIY our way through the week. Learn the tools of the trade, explore your creativity, and make our camp a better place as we work on a variety of different projects around Camp!

    The Pitch (Grades 6-9)
    Are you looking for a way to leave your mark on Camp Sargent? Now is your chance! Teens will spend the week in a “Shark Tank” style program developing a plan to pitch their ideas to the camp community. Teens will work to plan, budget, brand, and market their idea to add the next best thing to come to Camp Sargent.


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  • Leaders in Training Program - Grades 9-12

    Grades 9-12

    The Camp Sargent Leaders in Training (LIT) program is designed to help teens find their next level of leadership development and community service.

    Through this program, our LITs get the opportunity to build positive relationships with each other, learn how to effectively work with youth of all ages, and be an integral part of the Camp Sargent Team. LITs get to be on the ground leaders alongside our staff to create the magic Sargent has to offer. Being an LIT is hard work, but fun work as teens work, learn and grow together.

    As an LIT, your teen will be exposed to and gain experience in the following:

    • Team building
    • Group Facilitation
    • Relationship Building
    • Creative Programming
    • Positive Youth Development
    • Conflict Management and Problem Solving
    • Life Skills that will prepare them for the future
    • and lots and lots of fun


    YMCA Family Member: $400
    YMCA Youth Member: $450
    Community Member: $500

    June 24-July 3  |  July 8-19  |  July 29-August 8  |  August 12-23


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