Community Catalysts

Engaging Conversations with Our Community Partners

Community Catalysts Podcast


Welcome to our engaging podcast, Community Catalysts, which serves as a platform for fostering connection and understanding as well as education of organizations in our diverse community. This podcast is a celebration of the community organizations that serve others and collaborate with the YMCA of Greater Nashua. Each month Community Catalysts will be released as part of the Wednesday Wonder series. It will explore the mission of organizations in our neighborhoods through conversations with their leaders.

The podcast aims to highlight our collaborative partners and educate Y staff, members and volunteers in the helpful resources our community has to offer, by sharing their mission and the work we collaborate on, to further elevate their presence within our Y community.

Join us each month as we support each other through shared experiences, because together we thrive.


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For this episode we had the honor of sitting down with Iraida Munoz and Leah Elliot from the Greater Nashua Division of Public Health and Community Services




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