• Healthy living programs at the YMCA of Greater Nashua are designed to address specific health challenges that are being faced in the community.


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Healthy Living is important for people of all ages. Our healthy living programs include Prescribe the Y, LIVESTRONG®, and Diabetes Prevention.

While focusing on these programs specifically, our programs make sure to address health from a holistic view. From exercise, eating well, to learning about our health, these programs address all aspects of healthy living.

For more information on these programs, please see contact info for each program below.

  • Prescribe the Y

    This is a free 10-week program for children and their parents. Children age 6-13 years old are referred to the program by their health care provider using the “Prescription for a Healthier You” form. The Welcome Center staff will register your child for the next open session upon handing in your referral. Expert wellness staff deliver a quality education and assist families in developing strategies to make healthy choices part of their daily routine. Personal trainers provide children with a caring, noncompetitive environment where they can experience the fun of physical activity and develop team-building skills while nutrition staff simplify healthy eating and help children explore options that are as appealing as they are nutritious. Children and families actively work each week to discover their path to health through balance and teamwork.

    This program has special qualifications required for registration. Contact our Prescribe the Y Supervisor, Kimberly Adie, for more information at or 603.882.2011.


    LIVESTRONG at the YMCA helps adult cancer survivors reclaim their health and well-being following a cancer diagnosis. Survivors can improve their strength and physical fitness, diminish the severity of therapy side effects, develop supportive relationships, and improve their quality of life. Since 2007, the LIVESTRONG Foundation has been the YMCA’s partner in developing and delivering LIVESTRONG at the YMCA.

    – Small group, supportive environment
    – Free, 12-week program with two 75-minute sessions per week
    – Includes cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, balance, and flexibility exercises
    – Held in YMCA Wellness Centers
    – Evaluation includes Functional and Quality of Life assessments before and after participation
    – Facilitated by YMCA-certified Instructors

    Any adult 18 years old or older who is living with or beyond cancer treatment.

    LIVESTRONG is a well-being initiative that helps people affected by cancer. This program has special qualifications required for registration. Contact our Livestrong Supervisor, Kimberly Adie, for more information at or 603.882.2011.

  • Diabetes Prevention

    The Y believes that all people should be able to live life to its fullest, healthiest potential. Our Diabetes Prevention Program helps adults at high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes reduce their chances of developing the disease by taking small steps to improve their overall health and well-being.

    A Certified Lifestyle Coach fosters a supportive environment where they work with participants to help them achieve two major goals; lose 5-7% of their body weight and gradually increase their physical activity to 150 minutes each week. Classes engage participants in learning wholesome nutrition habits, the benefits of exercise and the life skills to utilize these practices every day.

    Any adult 18 years or older who is at risk for Type 2 diabetes. You can determine your risk by taking a simple questionnaire or by talking with your health care provider.

    The fee for this program can vary depending on the individual. Please contact the program coordinator for details.

    This class takes place over the course of one year. Groups meet weekly for the first 16 weeks and then monthly for the remaining time.

    Our Diabetes Prevention Program addresses reducing the risk of diabetes. This program has special qualifications required for registration. Contact our Diabetes Prevention Supervisor, Kimberly Adie, for more information at or 603.882.2011.


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