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  • Our arts & enrichment programs build up the skills and confidence of participants, and stimulates your mind with your passions and interests. We have programs for all ages and experience levels.


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Minds need a great workout too!

Tap into your creative side and discover new possibilities! Our Arts & Enrichment programs have opportunities for members and non-members to explore their passion, create something new, and just have fun!

Express your creative talents in a healthy and supportive environment. These classes can help kids with their critical thinking and problem solving skills, while building confidence and increasing their self awareness. Adults can find their creative outlet, connect with others and simply enjoy themselves!

The YMCA is known for its leadership development of youth and teens. Through our Leaders Club and Y-Achievers Program, teens will have the opportunity to learn about themselves, gain confidence, and have a plan after they leave high school!

  • Preschool Art

    Get your little one moving and tapping into their creative side. What better way for your kid to have fun than through classes that include music, free play and art! Wiggles & Giggles, Skips & Scribbles, and Let’s Get Messy are some of the preschool classes we have to offer. Search the program listings below to see what we have to offer.

  • Youth Art

    Get your youth in touch with their creative side and focus on art that they enjoy. From drawing and painting to LEGO or cupcakes, your youth can experiment with different art mediums and let their creativity soar. Cupcake Art, SNAP: Photography, Lego Art and Wearable Art are some of our Youth Art programs. Search the programs below and register today!

  • Theater & Music

    Ever want to perform on stage? From musical lessons, to theater techniques, these lessons are for the performer in everyone. Youth Guitar Lessons, Broadway Stars, Adult Guitar Lessons, and A Taste of Broadway are some of the classes offered at the Y. Search the program listings below to find your next favorite program.

  • Enrichment Programs

    Focus on your creative side and work towards becoming the next Picasso. For those that have a real passion for art, or painting, or photography, these could be the perfect classes for you. Girls Night Out Canvas Paint, Photography Workshops, and Flower Arranging are some of the classes we have to offer at the Y. Search the program listings below and register today to start practicing your passion.

  • Leaders Club and Y-Achievers

    The Leaders Club is a national, values based leadership development program. Through workshops and volunteer experiences, teens will discover their values and passions, then learn to be leaders based on those aspects of their personality.

    The Leaders program meets every Wednesday from 6pm-7:30pm. Leaders may stay till 8pm to get to know other Leaders. The program has a rolling admission. Contact Larry Harding,, for more information.


    Y-Achievers is a post high school preparedness program. In this program, teens will get the opportunity to explore their interests and potential career options in order to make a plan after high school. Teens will also get support for current school challenges and strategies to deal with the middle and high school years.

    Y-Achievers meet every Thursday Night from 6:30pm-8pm.

    Please direct any questions or application to Patty Harding,


    Both programs run during the Academic Year. 

  • Senior Activities

    Have fun and get active with other seniors. Paint with your grandchildren, sip some tea and chat, or enjoy a healthy lunch over a discussion. Tea & Chat, Friendship Luncheon, and Paint a Birdhouse with your Grandchild are some of the classes we have available. Search the program listings below for more information.

Arts & Enrichment Program Schedules

  • Westwood Park

  • Teen Leadership

Program Date: 02/24/2016 to 08/31/2020

Leaders Club

The Leaders Club is the YMCA?s national leadership development program for teens ages 11-18. Club members work together in order to learn about various aspects of leadership, volunteer service, and community building. Throughout our year, teens will experience a variety of different events and activities to help them become better people. We work with many… Read more »

More Information
  • Nashua Branch

  • Teen Leadership

Program Date: 09/01/2016 to 05/31/2018

Y-Achievers Program

The Y-Achievers program has been helping teens in YMCAs around the country for nearly 50 years. National, the program strives to help all teens set and pursue higher education and career goals. Y-Achievers programs help teens raise their academic standards and interact with diverse professionals who serve as role models to inspire success. At the… Read more »

More Information
  • Nashua Branch

  • Leaders Regional Programs and Club Fees

Program Date: 10/25/2019 to 10/27/2019

Autumn Rally 2019

This is for leaders to register for Autumn Rally 2019. Payment is due at registration.

More Information
  • Nashua Branch

  • Leaders Regional Programs and Club Fees

Program Date: 11/01/2019 to 11/03/2019

Fall Rally 2019

This is for leaders to register for Fall Rally 2019. Payment is due at registration.

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