Planned Giving


A Gift for Years to Come

Make an impact and benefit your community for future generations by leaving your legacy through a planned gift to the Y.


Anyone can be a philanthropist by making a planned gift to YMCA of Greater Nashua. All planned gifts are meaningful and some can cost nothing today, yet do so much for the future of our community.

Make a bequest to YMCA of Greater Nashua in your will or trust.

Realize the value of your retirement plan by making YMCA of Greater Nashua a beneficiary (full, partial or percentage).

Consider a gift life of insurance that your family has outgrown or making YMCA of Greater Nashua a partial or full beneficiary of your plan.

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Heritage Club Membership

The endowment fund aims to preserve principal contributions while utilizing the endowment’s investment gain to fund specific YMCA programs or for general purposes. Cash gifts of $1,500 or more directed to the endowment fund or any planned gift through an estate entitle you to membership in the Heritage Club. Please contact Kelli Wholey, Director of Major Gifts and Planned Giving for more information.

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Every dollar donated to the Y has a lasting impact on the people of Greater Nashua.

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