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  • In order to take care of others you need to take care of yourself. We'll watch the kids while you get your workout in, free of charge for family members.

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    Once you know the kids are taken care of, you can choose a class or activity to take part in.

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Free to Y Family Members

Part of leading a healthier lifestyle is having peace of mind while you exercise.

The Westwood Park YMCA, Merrimack YMCA and the Nashua YMCA will offer this wonderful convenience for parents again while they work out or swim in our facilities. Parent/guardian must remain in the facility for the entire time the child is in Kids Stop. Reservations can be made for up to 2 hours in length.

Kids Stop Guidelines:
Please read the guidelines below, if you have any questions please click here and use the form to submit it and we’ll answer them to the best of our ability.

Reservations must be made online (click on the image below) and can be made up to 48 hours in advance and up to one hour before a block time. Please give 2 hours notice for any cancellations so that another member can still benefit from utilizing the Kids Stop.

The ratio of staff to children is 2:8 per group. Offering one group at each branch.

No outside toys.

Parents will need to wear a mask and sanitize their hands if assistance is needed with their child using the toilet upon entering Kid Stop.

All kids must take off shoes and be wearing socks while attending Kids Stop.

Parents must remain in the building at all times.

One family at a time dropping off to help us ensure the safety of all members.

To allow our staff to properly sanitize the room prior to the next group prompt pick up is required within your hour reservation time.

Kid Stop is currently open to members only.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation while we navigate through this opening together.

Nashua & Westwood Park:
1 year – 12 years (Not currently accepting children under the age of 1)

Infants 6 weeks – 12 years

FREE to Family Members

Nashua YMCA, Merrimack YMCA and Westwood Park YMCA – See Schedule Below


Merrimack YMCA
Nashua YMCA
Westwood Park YMCA


Sat: 9am-12pm

Sun: Closed


Sat: 8am-12pm

Sun: Closed

Fri: 9am-12pm

Sat: 8am-12pm

Sun: Closed

Reservation Block Times:
Reservation block times can be for up  to 2 hours long per child per day no matter the location. (Multiple reservations between the branches are not permitted at this time due to limited space.)

Reservation Blocks Vary by Branch Please Click the Image Below to Get Started and See What is Available.

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