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My Y Connect Mobile App and New Group Exercise Reservation System



The YMCA of Greater Nashua has launched a new mobile app and will be integrating a new group exercise reservation system in February 2023, to make it easier to reserve space in classes, help you stay connected to the YMCA community and track your wellness goals.

The YMCA of Greater Nashua wellness app, My Y Connect, is your single source for community engagement, group exercise schedules and reservations, program registration, exercise tracking, training plans and so much more. It will help you take control of your health and wellness goals and connect with your friends and neighbors at the Y. You’ll have access to exercise planning, goal tracking tools, fitness challenges and workout plan creation that can provide greater engagement with the YMCA of Greater Nashua community and help you stay accountable to your healthy lifestyle goals.

The New Group Exercise Reservation System is fully integrated with your My Y Account and the mobile app. Available spaces. You’ll make all of your Group Exercise Reservations through the mobile app or our website using your “My Y Account” login. You can also stop by the Welcome Center to have a team member assist you.

YMCA360 is an on-demand video and live streaming platform for our Y community. YMCA360 offers group exercise classes, youth sports training, cooking lessons, child book reading and literacy videos, wellbeing classes and so much more to serve you wherever you are! YMCA360 is available on our website.


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The New My Y Connect Mobile App and Group Exercise Reservation System Benefits:

    • You’ll connect to your My Y Account when you log into the app so there will be no need for additional passwords after the app set up.

    • Easily view group exercise schedules for each day and filter for the types of classes that you like. Then reserve your spot, from our new group exercise reservation system, in the class directly in the app or on our web sites schedules page using your My Y Account login information.

    • Easily set up training plans for daily and weekly routines. The app includes animated video demonstrations on how to perform the exercise correctly so you can gain the most from each exercise.

    • Track your healthy lifestyle goals within the app and align your exercise plans with your goals.

    • Sign up for fitness challenges developed by the Y to promote friendly competition within our branches.

    • Register you or your family for YMCA programs directly from the app on your phone. No additional sign in needed.

    • Be the first to know about inclement weather affecting your Y branch with association wide notifications from the Y.

    • No more worrying about keeping up with your barcode or your kids’ barcodes, they are already in the app for easy check-in.

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App is Now Available in the Apple and Android App Stores.

The app can be download to your device by clicking the black button below. We ask that you follow the three step process below and/or watch the below video to assist with getting fully logged in and set up in the mobile app. Please stop by the Welcome Center desk at your local YMCA branch if you need further assistance. There are also buttons below for downloading frequently asked questions that may come up about the app or the new group exercise reservation system.


For a simple 3-minute login process, watch this LOG IN AND SET UP video or follow the steps below to walk through the process.

My Y Connect Set Up Video

My Y Connect Log in and Set Up Video


  • Download the app:
    • The quickest way to download the app is to click on the black DOWNLOAD THE MY Y CONNECT MOBILE APP button below from your mobile device. It will take you directly to the download page in the app store on your phone. (Additionally, you can search for the app in your app store under “YMCA of Greater Nashua”)
  • Login into the app:
    • Use your My Y Account email and password to log into the app
  • Create a simple eGYM account within the app:
    • Click on the app profile image
    • Click on “App Profile” on the next page
    • Click on “Link Account” at the bottom of that page in the EGYM section.
    • Add a password (We suggest you use the same password as you have for your My Y Account).
      • If the system detects you already have an eGYM account you can enter the password for it and if you don’t know the password you can reset it from this screen.
    • Click Create Account.


That’s it. You are all logged in and set up to use the mobile app.
Next steps are to connect any wearable devices or fitness apps you traditionally use by selecting the “Connected Apps” option from your profile screen and watch the Overview Video below.




This video will walk you through an overview of the new My Y Connect Mobile App so that you have a better understanding of what it offers on each tab.

My Y Connect Overview Video

My Y Connect Overview Video: Walk through all the benefits of the app.


*Due to the technology demands of the app the new mobile app will require iOS 14+ on your apple device for use of the app. 


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Group Exercise Reservation System

The all new group exercise reservation system will make reserving space in a group exercise class much easier. Members will be able to simply use their My Y Account username and password that they use for program registration and account management to make the reservations. Reservations can be made from a browser on a desktop or laptop from the Schedules page, directly from the mobile app or even from within the account management area under the Group Ex tab. Below are some videos to give you an overview and walk you through some of the simple ways you can reserve space in a group exercise class.


Group Exercise Reservation System Overview

This video is an short overview for the new Group Exercise Reservation System.


Group Ex Reservations From The Web Site

This video will walk you through how to reserve space in a group exercise class from the schedules page of our web site.


Group Ex Reservations From Your My Y Account

This video will walk you through how to reserve space in a group exercise class from within the My Y Account Management system.



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Have Questions About the Mobile App or Group Exercise Reservation System?

We’ve put a lot of information on this page to help guide you through the new experience, but we know that it will come with some questions as well. If you have questions, please take a look at the frequently asked questions via the buttons below. If your question is answered among them, feel free to swing by one of our Welcome Centers or give us a call and a representative will be happy to assist you.

Group Exercise Reservation FAQs

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