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The YMCA of Greater Nashua offers two mobile apps, the YMCA of Greater Nashua App and the Y Be Well App, to help you stay connected to the Y the way you want to.

You can look at class schedules, store your family’s membership ID’s, register for classes, receive notifications, create exercise plans, track goals progress, connect with other YMCA of Greater Nashua members and join friendly exercise challenges.


The YMCA of Greater Nashua's Mobile App

YMCA of Greater Nashua Mobile App (Schedules, Program Registration, Notifications and Check-ins)

The YMCA of Greater Nashua Mobile App will help you stay better connected to the Y information you need most. You’ll have access to class schedules and notifications, announcements of upcoming events and even be able to register for programs right from your smartphone or tablet. You can view the full list and description of programs in our Current Program Guide as well.

You’re going to love these features and the look and feel of the YMCA Mobile App

  • Easily view pool and group exercise schedules for each day and filter for the types of classes that you like and then print your own Y specific class schedules.

  • Register for YMCA programs right from your phone and then easily add them to your calendar with reminders so you never miss a class.

  • Stay up to date with the latest announcements and organizational news for your chosen location.

  • Subscribe to push notifications and stay informed with branch and group specific notifications sent straight to your lock screen.

  • No more worrying about keeping up with your barcode or your kids’ barcodes, store them all in the app for easy check-in.


Here are two ways to download our new app:

Download using direct link (recommended):
  • Click here from your mobile device
  • Download app(App is named “Daxko” not “YMCA of Greater Nashua”)
  • Open the app
  • Type in YMCA of Greater Nashua and click “GO”
  • Set notifications and location preferences
  • Uninstall the old app


Search the store and download:
  • Search “Daxko” in the App Store or Google Play
  • Download app(App is named “Daxko” not “YMCA of Greater Nashua”)
  • Open the app
  • Type in YMCA of Greater Nashua and click “GO”
  • Set notification and location preferences
  • Uninstall the old app


Unfortunately, due to changing app developer guidelines from both Apple and Google app stores it’ll be necessary to download a new YMCA app. Even though you will need to download a new app, the schedules, features and functions available in the app today will not be affected. In fact, the new app will allow for quicker changes to be made from our developer, Daxko, to more quickly add and push out new capabilities.



Y Bell Well Mobile App, YMCA of Greater Nashua

Y Be Well App (Exercise and Nutrition Planning, Goal Tracking, Community Groups and Challenges)

The Y Be Well app is an exercise tracking and community engagement application that will help you take control of your health and wellness goals. You’ll have access to exercise and nutrition planning, goal tracking tools, fitness challenges and community groups that can provide greater engagement with the YMCA of Greater Nashua community and help you stay accountable to your healthy lifestyle goals.

We hope you enjoy Y Be Well as an added benefit to your membership and look forward to supporting your path to a healthy lifestyle.

Y Be Well Benefits Include:

  • Easily set up exercise plans for daily and weekly routines. The app includes animated video demonstrations on how to perform the exercise correctly so you can gain the most from each exercise.

  • Track your nutrition plan and healthy lifestyle goals within the app and align your exercise plan with your goals.

  • Join a community group to be part of mini-support forums while you all work toward your healthy lifestyle goals.

  • Sign up for fitness challenges developed by the YMCA to promote friendly competition within our branches.

  • Read YMCA fitness and nutrition articles, suggestions and inspiration shared by the wellness staff to help you stay on the path to your goals.

App usage is by invitation only, if you’ve not received an invite please reach out to your Director of Wellness and Member Engagement, Kim Hickman in Merrimack and Melissa Collins in Nashua, for more information and to start the process.

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