Volunteer Spotlight: December 2018

Volunteer Spotlight: Linda Feldeisen


My motivation for volunteering is that the Y has given me so much I just want to be able to give back to the Y.

Initially I was helping Diana Newman with the many administrative tasks required when teaching the “Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance” (TJQMBB) class, which is a CDC sponsored fall prevention class for older adults.  Then Diana suggested I should become an official volunteer and take the Instructor Training Certification as it would be nice to have another person who could teach the class.  As I had been taking the class for a few years I thought maybe I could do it.  So now I teach some of the classes as well as continuing with all the administrative work and training requirements.

I seem to have fallen into two main areas, working with seniors and working with kids, both of which I love.  I try to find ways to improve my knowledge and my skills.  As an example, I worked at St Joseph Hospital where fall prevention was so important.   So I take some of what I learned there and try to incorporate it into the TJQMBB class.   Having improved my Body and Mindfulness knowledge I found it easier than I expected to teach the Qi Gong class.

I really enjoy all of the areas where I volunteer.  I get to spend time with people of all ages: staff, members, pre-school children and their parents, or prospective members who I hope I can encourage to join when I give a cause-based tour.

One of my favorite activities is probably the Kids Triathlon.  The girls and boys of all ages are so inspiring.  I think it is important to encourage them to have fun while striving to do their best.

Since becoming a volunteer in September 2016, coming to the Y seems more enjoyable. I feel I am representing the Y as an ambassador.  I like to make new members feel welcome in class and often suggest other classes they may be interested in.  Now I am more motivated to do my own classes as people tend to notice when I am not there!  For me the Y is such a welcoming environment, and it is nice to know other people are looking out for me too.

I proudly wear my volunteer shirts and hope it will encourage other people to become volunteers.


To find out how to get involved at the Y, visit www.nmymca.org/volunteer!


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