YMCA Educational Academy is Taking Stress Off Family

My Y Story: Cameron


11-year-old Cameron had a tough time this Spring when school moved from in school learning to remote learning. “We were both miserable. He was depressed. I was frustrated,” shared his grandmother (Julie) who is raising Cam. “I saw a story in the Telegraph about the Y’s new program (YMCA Educational Academy), and knew I had to learn more,” said Julie.

“I feel bad for younger parents who have full time jobs and four kids. I struggle (with remote learning) with one kid and a part-time job. My technical skills are not where they need to be to help him with remote learning ,” she said. “Cam attends Monday through Friday and because he doesn’t do well working independently, the teachers at the Y have helped him a lot.” Julie added that for her it’s a perfect solution for what she was facing with this new learning model. “It’s really a miracle for these times. With school now exclusively remote, the Y staff  know how to help the kids with technology and are very supportive. The staff genuinely care for the kids and want them to be successful.  It’s a genius idea for these days!” She added that with Cam enrolled in the YMCA Educational Academy, “It’s allowing for a more relaxed and enjoyable time at home since we don’t have to struggle together with schoolwork.”

She noted a bonus for Cam, who is in the sixth grade,  is the social part of the program and the sports activities. He loves outdoor play and soccer in the afternoon and has made new friends. “It’s a good balance of work and play for him. One of Cam’s needs is to have more positive peer contact. He is shy and this doesn’t come easy. At the Y, he’s been very social and has made many friends,” she said.

We love the Y and have been members for years. Cam took a cooking class with Sarah years ago. He learned to swim at the Y and had a soccer-themed birthday party there. “Cam has connected with the Y staff and loves his time at the YMCA Educational Academy. Thank you!,” Julie said.

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