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My Y Story: Gloria Bry

CHAKRA VIBRATIONS AND MEDITATION TECHNIQUES TAUGHT BY GLORIA BRY We are excited to welcome Gloria Bry, a Y member with a passion for teaching classes with a focus on adult personal growth and development as it relates to the body, mind and spirit connection and our human experience. She will be offering a variety of… Read more »

My Y Story: Dianne West and Marty Thebodeau

MEET Y MEMBERS, DIANNE WEST AND MARTY THEBODEAU  TWO SELF-PROCLAIMED PICKLEBALL AMBASSADORS! Having retired in 2019, both would happily play the game seven days a week if they could, and they can’t say enough positive things about the sport. “A friend of mine is a pickleball player and she suggested I give it a try”,… Read more »

My Y Story: Libby Shepherd

YMCA NINJA COURSE: TRY OUR INDOOR OBSTACLE COURSE, A SERIES OF CHALLENGING PHYSICAL OBSTACLES TESTING SPEED, ENDURANCE AND AGILITY 8-YEAR OLD LIBBY SHEPHERD IS A YMCA NINJA! She’s been building up her strength at the Westwood Park Y’s Ninja course since her first class in January. “She’s had a great time on the ninja course…. Read more »

My Y Story: Carol Beebe and Terry Chapman

WORKOUT FRIENDS FOR 25 YEARS CAROL AND TERRY BOND DURING STRENGTH TRAINING CLASSES Carol Beebe became fast friends with YMCA workout buddy Terry Chapman since they started attending the Y in 1997 for a 15-week program encouraging members to exercise three times a week. Carol and Terry met when they were introduced by Terry’s daughter… Read more »

My Y Story: Arlene Magoon

ARLENE MAGOON: FACING LIFE’S TRANSITIONS WITH YOGA AND FRIENDS  After a fulfilling career in preparedness emergency management with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency, an agency of the United States Department of Homeland Security), Arlene is happily retired. “My retirement has allowed me to take things that I loved at my work and I can now… Read more »

My Y Story: Paula Badders

  PAULA BADDERS: WEDNESDAY MORNING’S CIRCLE OF FRIENDS Stop by, Everyone is Welcome! At the Y, we love hearing about our friendship groups that connect here. Today, we introduce the Merrimack Y’s Circle of Friends! Y member and devoted member of this group Paula Badders loves her water aerobics classes on Wednesday mornings, and REALLY… Read more »

My Y Story: Olivia Lyman

OLIVIA LYMAN: FROM LIFEGUARD TO CHILD CARE HER PASSION FOR EDUCATING HAS GROWN WITH THE Y   Olivia Lyman has worked for the Y since high school when she was certified as a lifeguard. As a swimmer for Alvirne High School for four years, she was well prepared to earn her lifeguard certification in a course offered at the… Read more »

My Y Story: Jeff Kirkland

JEFF KIRKLAND: SUPPORT FROM THE Y FOLLOWING BARIATRIC SURGERY HAS BEEN IMPORTANT TO MY SUCCESS Jeff Kirkland has always been athletic and enjoys sports. He knows the value of being physically fit from his time in the United States Navy. As with many of us, Jeff got away from a healthy routine. He started not eating… Read more »