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My Y Story: The McWeeney Family

THE MCWEENEY FAMILY: OUR FAMILY IS SO GRATEFUL FOR THE YMCA, ESPECIALLY MRS. SARAH AND MS. NADINE Our childcare and camp staff make an impact daily. The personal reward and satisfaction that it brings for many include getting to teach student and camper lessons that they’ll carry for life. They get to help children explore… Read more »

My Y Story: Martha O'Neill

MARTHA O’NEILL: REACHES A MAJOR MILESTONE AS SHE SWIMS OVER 5,00 MILES IN THE MERRIMACK YMCA POOL YMCA member Martha O’Neill knew she was close to a milestone, one that many of us would be in awe of! As an avid lap swimmer, Martha has been using this form of exercise since her college days… Read more »

My Immigration Story: Terry Reiber

TERRY REIBER: A DESIRE FOR BETTER ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY AND FREEDOM MOTIVATED HIS IMMIGRATION TO THE UNITED STATES   There is a story behind every decision to migrate, what was yours (or your parents)? I wanted better economic opportunity and freedom. What were your (or your parents) hopes for your new life here? My parents stayed… Read more »

My Immigration Story: Helen Salgado Santos

HELEN SALGADO SANTOS: FULFILLING A DREAM, THE AMERICAN DREAM, THROUGH DETERMINATION AND HARD WORK I was 6 years old when I was watching movies with subtitles and listening they speaking English when I knew I needed to learn how to speak English, it sounded so beautiful… Back in Brazil since 5th grade, you learn English… Read more »

My Y Story: Jack Olson - Board Member

JACK OLSON: INVESTING IN THE COMMUNITY AND IN MYSELF AT THE YMCA Jack Olson had a plan for retirement. He spent many years traveling extensively for his job over his 27 years in the high-tech industry and in his words, “I wasn’t taking great care of myself. I was overweight. Stressed out, irritable, not sleeping… Read more »

My Y Story: Steve Cleveland

STEVE CLEVELAND: THE Y HAS CHANGED ME FOR THE BETTER. I WANT TO INSPIRE OTHER PEOPLE. YMCA Member Steve Cleveland loves the Y. “I’ve never been happier. I’m a very active member. I’m there no less than five days a week. I work out 2 to 3 hours at a time, sometimes a little longer…. Read more »

My Y Story: Kyle Schneck

KYLE SCHNECK: FROM Y KID TO YMCA BOARD MEMBER, A NATURAL FIT FOR ME Kyle Schneck has been a Y member almost his entire life, starting as a kid when he grew up in Concord. For him, it was a natural fit to connect with the Y when he and his wife Amanda moved to… Read more »