YMCA of Greater Nashua Teen Receives Prestigious Buddy Cup Award

Asher Thomas is Named 2020 Buddy Cup Award Recipient

Buddy Cup, Asher ThomasCongratulations to YMCA Teen Leader Asher Thomas who was awarded the prestigious Buddy Cup at the Northeast YMCA Leaders’ School, held for the first time ever as a virtual event. This annual teen leadership event is normally held at Springfield College and attracts teens from all of New England and New York.

The Buddy Cup award is the highest honor a teen leader can receive at Leaders’ School, and although it was not an in-person event this year, it was Asher’s active participation in the virtual school as well as his outstanding character that made him stand out. This is only the fourth time the Buddy Cup has been granted  to a recipient from New Hampshire since the trophy’s inception in 1961, and the third time it was presented to a member of the YMCA of Greater Nashua.

Asher has been very active in the YMCA Leaders Program, the Quest Day Camp and Guides Program (LIT Program of today) and has worked with the YMCA of Greater Nashua as a lifeguard at both Branches and Camp Spaulding, as well as working the Merrimack YMCA Welcome Center. This Fall, Asher will be taking a gap year to travel the country before attending College at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon, in the Fall of 2021.

“Receiving this award is such an honor,” said Asher. “Leaders school is not a place, but a community. It is a group of people who come together to help better ourselves, our communities, and our world as a whole. To me, Leaders school has given me the confidence in myself to be who I am and pursue what I want in life.”



About the Buddy Cup:
In 1961, the Silver Bay YMCA  Leaders’ School sponsored a Leaders’ Exchange program. Two young German leaders came to Silver Bay in New York; and as a result of their experience at Leaders School, these two young leaders sponsored a cup known as the Buddy Cup. They sent this cup to the 1962 Leaders’ School, to be given in recognition of the outstanding leader in each Leaders’ School. This is a rotating cup, to be awarded each year. The Buddy Cup was awarded to Michael Costa in 2017 and Zachory (Zak) Almeida in 2019, both from the YMCA of Greater Nashua’s Leader Club.


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