When We Work Together

We Move Inviduals, Families and Communities Forward

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When we work together, we move individuals, families and communities forward.  Our recent donation drives have been phenomenally successful and have made life better and easier for some of those in our community who struggle. Our partnership with the Nashua Soup Kitchen and Shelter has allowed us to reach those who are hurting. We know that local food pantries have faced challenges keeping their shelves stocked, and are pleased that our donations will help those who are most needy in our community. Our members and staff have been very generous.

Donations by the numbers:

  • 220 cases of non-perishable food and personal hygiene items

  • 9,624 diapers, 74 boxes of baby wipes, and 8 tubes of diaper creams

  • 150 blankets

One of the Y’s main focus areas is Social Responsibility and we consider our efforts to help ease the burden of local food pantries important to the work that we do in the community. We respond to society’s most pressing needs by developing innovative, community-based solutions to help those in need to reach their full potential. When one person in our community is boosted, we all are boosted.

Thank you to our Togetherhood program whose members spearheaded the Diaper Drive.  Togetherhood is a program which invites Y members to lead and participate in volunteer service projects (outside of the YMCA walls) that benefit our communities. If you are interested in joining Togetherhood, please contact Kaleigh Mulligan at kmulligan@nmymca.org or by calling 603-882-2011.

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