A PLUS Company and ‘Walk with Ease’ Participant Who has Met His Goals with Success at the Y

My Y Story: Mike

My Y Story: Mike PLUS CompanyMY Y STORY: MIKE

Coming to the Y twice a week for the ‘Walk with Ease’ program is a highlight of Mike’s week. Mike comes to the Y through our partnership with the PLUS Company, a Nashua non-profit that offers job development and career assessment for disabled adults.

Recently, he was featured on the PLUS Company’s social media accounts as their Client of the Week.

Mike joined The PLUS Company community in 2006 after graduating from Nashua High North.  He first received services from the ICR department.  When his mom was ill Shawna helped him with laundry, cleaning, haircuts, and grocery shopping.  When his mom had to go to an assisted living facility the Residential department helped him with a place to live.  Peggy and staff provide a home to him. The Vocational department provided employment to Mike.  Ellen got him employed with AirControl LLC.  He also attends Adult Education classes throughout the week.  He lost 25 pounds doing the Walk with Ease program with the YMCA.  He loves Friday night Movie Nights.  We thank you Mike for the wonderful person you are!!

When Mike recently chatted with Elizabeth Covino, the Y’s chief community relations officer, he shared that he’s been working hard to eat better and exercise. He said he’s a type 2 diabetic and going to the Y is a big part of his social time and his planned exercise time. “I go on Mondays and Wednesdays. We leave the PLUS Company about 10:45am and when we get to the Y we walk for about an hour. I love going with my friends and staff. I’m eating good meals. I’m type 2 diabetic and I’m am not supposed to eat a lot of sugar and need to eat in moderation. Kim and Eirikur are very nice and very, very helpful. They keep track of the laps we walk (around the indoor track),” he said. Kim Adie is the Y’s Healthy Living Director and Eirikur Holt is the Y’s Healthy Living Coordinator.

Last week Mike shared with Eirikur that he saw one of his teachers from grade school last week at the Y. They recognized each other immediately. “They got to chatting and looked forward to seeing each other every week. And they even have an appointment for her to take him to lunch! She shared with me that Michael was her inspiration for going back to school and getting her teaching degree.” She added, “When asked if there were any other things he wanted to say about the Walking Club, he smiled, and in a very proud voice, he told me that he has lost a lot of weight thanks to all his walking at the Y.”

“Michael is an amazing individual! He is always smiling and eager to get started at each class. He has shown great improvement over the past couple of months. When he first started, he was only able to do one lap at a time before needing to take a long break and was only able to do 2 laps total in the 40 minutes. He is now up to walking a full mile (9 laps), with only a 5 minute break in the middle,” said Eirikur.

Mike, we are so glad the Y has been a happy and successful part of your wellness journey!


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