Exciting Times at the Y



Renovation, YMCA of Greater Nashua, YMCA, Merrimack Renovation, YMCA RenovationThese are exciting times for our YMCA! Starting this May we will begin to move forward with a $2 million renovation project for the Merrimack Y. We are so excited to start this project and can’t wait until we can serve you better with beautiful new facilities.

Although the pool along with the shower and bathroom areas of the men’s and women’s locker room will close during the renovation the Merrimack YMCA will remain open during all renovation phases.

No major renovations to the lower level have been performed since the building was purchased in the mid 1990s. Overall, the building is 31-years-old. This reinvestment in facilities is important. Through solicited a lot of member feedback over the years, and the plan below reflects facility changes that will make the building work better for our members, for our programs, and for our growth.

We’ll be posting project updates here and on our social media channels, check back often.


Here is What is Planned

Men’s and Women’s Shower and Bathroom Areas (Locker Room) – Having already renovated the dry areas of the Men’s and Women’s locker room in the last renovation, the current renovation will consist of a complete overhaul of the shower and bathroom facilities in both the men’s and women’s locker room. The newly renovated women’s locker room will also now have a more private entrance to the pool area.

New Family Locker Room –  The space that is between the men’s and women’s locker room which currently has seating, vending machine, etc will be turned into a family locker room with individual changing areas. This space will be similar to our Nashua branch with six private rooms, each consisting of shower space, a toilet and changing area. The common area in this new space will have lockers, sinks, suit spinners and counter space. By adding the new Family Locker Room, we will be able to connect all three locker rooms to the pool to provide a more private and comfortable entrance onto the pool deck.

Complete Renovation of the Pool Area – The pool will completely close and the renovation will begin with removal of the existing deck and hot tub. We’ll be adding a new filtration and UV disinfect system to more effectively manage water quality and make our pool a healthier experience for our swimmers. A co-ed steam and sauna will be added to the pool deck, new tile, paint, and the inclusion of a new water play element. Additionally, the depth of the pool will be reduced to 3 feet in one third of the pool to allow for better swim instruction for children.

Due to the Merrimack YMCA pool project all swim lessons in Sessions E and F will be held at the Nashua Y. We have adjusted our schedule and increased our staff at the Nashua YMCA pool to accommodate more swim lesson and water exercise classes.

Additional Highlights – The project will also consist of an electrical upgrade, a new fieldhouse roof, a renovated entranceway, additional natural light, and new paint.


Timing of the Project

The summer is our slowest time of year and we want to have everything operational for you to enjoy next fall when membership attendance in the Merrimack YMCA picks back up after summer vacations, the start of school and cooler temperatures begin. We’ll begin on May 1, with the locker room phase and the pool upgrade will begin in early June.

Estimated Start Dates for Each Phase

Electrical Upgrade: April 1
Men’s and Women’s Shower and Bathroom Areas (Locker Room): May 8
(Showers and restrooms in the men’s and women’s locker rooms will close on May 15. The existing family locker rooms will be available for showering and restroom use throughout the length of the renovation)
Family Locker Room: May 1
Pool: June 1
(Pool will be closed starting June 1. We have
adjusted our schedule and increased our staff at the Nashua YMCA pool to accommodate more swim lesson and water exercise classes.
Fieldhouse Roof: August
Renovated Entranceway: Summer


Overall Affect of the Project

These improvements will completely transform the Merrimack branch into a beautiful facility for our staff, members and the community; but it will not be easy. Our pool and primary shower areas will be closed for the summer or a good portion of it, but we will have options available for our members.

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