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Lifeguard - Camp Sargent

Under the direct supervision of the Waterfront Director, the lifeguard is to provide the safest possible environment for all campers, staff and guests participating in and around the waterfront.  Lifeguards must have the ability to recognize a hazardous situation.  They must be able to supervise swimmers, minimize dangers, educate staff and children about water safety, enforce rules and regulations, prepare records and reports and give assistance whenever needed.



  • This is a summer seasonal position
  • Hours are between 8:45 AM – 4:30 PM.
  • As a Counselor you may be needed during Pre (7-9am)/Post (4-6pm) Camp hours.
  • NO day off requests will be approved as this is a summer seasonal position.
  • At times, as a Counselor you may be asked to work a non-camp Sargent event.



  • Attend all pre-season staff training sessions.
  • Attend all staff meetings.
  • Achieve 10 X 10 reaction (scan waterfront every 10 seconds and be able to respond to an emergency in 10 seconds)
  • Proper guarding is required at all times (having proper equipment, not socializing, never turn back to the water, actively scanning, being alert, etc.).
  • Be properly dressed (suit and lifeguard shirt required) and at waterfront, ready to work, 5 minutes prior to schedule start time.
  • Must have proper equipment at all times (i.e. Rescue tube, fanny pack with pocket mask and gloves and whistle)
  • Ensure the safety of members and participants by enforcing established all waterfront and camp rules. PREVENTION is your primary responsibility.
  • Adequately react and respond to emergency events and trainings.
  • When opening the facility, be dressed, at waterfront 15 minutes prior to schedule opening, have equipment and signs appropriately placed.
  • Under no circumstances is the waterfront to be left unattended during camp hours. Wait until properly relieved or the area is cleared and then follow proper closing procedure.
  • During inclement weather or other waterfront closures, you may be asked to provide assistance to counselors in supervising campers during non-waterfront activities or in a different role on an “as needed” basis. If enrollment does not require extra staff coverage on these “wash out” days you will be notified ASAP to not come in to work or to leave early.
  • During electrical storms (or any other emergency), you will be expected to act as a leader at the waterfront to assist with getting both staff and campers to cover in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Responsible for securing substitutes to cover scheduled shifts in the case of an absence and report coverage to the Waterfront Director.
  • Responsible for using time clock prior to and at the end of every shift.
  • Relate to parents and program participants in a professional manner at all times.
  • The YMCA’s four “core values” of Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility will be exemplified at all times.
  • Act as your group’s immediate health care responder for all reasonably anticipated health-care concerns based on the individual, location and activity. Examples: tick removal, sunburn, dehydration, scrapes etc.
  • All health care supplies are available in the first aid station and it is the responsibility of the employee to ensure they are equipped to handle all reasonable and common injuries.
  • Preventative measures to avoid illness and the spread of infection for both yourself and others are to be used through the use of CPR barrier, masks or gloves.
  • Submit a doctor’s physical form dated within two years of first day of summer camp. Employment cannot begin until a copy of this physical form is submitted to the camp director. No exceptions
  • Fill in as a counselor when needed.



  • Must be at least 17 years of age.
  • Must have prior experience in child care, day camp, or recreational leadership with children.
  • Current YMCA Lifeguard of American Red Cross Lifeguard certification.
  • Current CPR/AED for the professional rescuer certification
  • Current First Aid Certification.
  • Must has current oxygen administration for the professional rescuer certification.
  • Ability to pass swim test (500 yds. continuously and treat water for a total of 10 minutes)
  • A commitment to working with youth in an outdoor day camping environment.
  • Must have reliable transportation
  • Must be able to lift up to 60 pounds.
  • Must be able to act and move around the Camp facility fast enough to keep children
  • Must be able to act and move with quickness and agility.
  • Correctly perform and describe aquatic skills for demonstration purposes.
  • Carry equipment (forty pounds or less) from supply area to deck.
  • Lift and support an adult out of the water.
  • Swim to the bottom of the lake and be able to retrieve and remove an adult.
  • Able to throw a floatation device 20 feet.
  • Stand and walk around the waterfront dock for a minimum of two continuous hours.


Our mission and core values are brought to life by our culture. We are welcoming: we are open to all. We are a place where you can belong and become. We are genuine: we value you and embrace your individuality. We are hopeful: we believe in you and your potential to become a catalyst in the world. We are nurturing: we support you in your journey to develop your full potential. We are determined: above all else, we are on a relentless quest to make our community stronger beginning with you.



  • Relationships:Builds rapport and relates well to others
  • Inclusion:Works effectively with people of different backgrounds, abilities, opinions and perceptions.
  • Innovation:Embraces new approaches and discovers ideas to create a better member experience.
  • Quality Results:Strives to meet or exceed goals and deliver a high-value experience for members.
  • Self-Development:Pursues self-development that enhances job performance.

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