Trail Walking Group:

Friends, Conversation, and Exercise

Nashua Y Walking Group

Want to meet more friends? Enjoy fresh air? Get some exercise while exploring nature? The YMCA’s Trail Walking Group may just be the group for you!

Each Wednesday at 9am, a group of walkers meet at the Nashua YMCA and take a one hour hike through Mine Falls Park.

Y member and volunteer Colleen Derderian has spearheaded this group and is eager to have more people join the Trail Walking Group. “We’re averaging 15 walkers per week. Some are Y members and others have heard about this through word of mouth.  We hope to get together and have bagels and coffee at the Y after our walks soon!,” she said.

Colleen circulates while she walks and chats with the smaller groups that work together. “I walk for 15 minutes with one group, then move to another group. I love getting to know everyone!,” she shared.

The walkers have formed a bond and are acutely aware when one of their crew is missing. “We are going to voluntarily share our email addresses. We’re all happy to help others if they need something. Everybody needs somebody to talk to. When we’re walking out in the woods, we share our stories,” Colleen said. “You count on seeing people week after week. I think people are starting to make a great connections with each other and enjoy their walks together. They miss and feel poorly when can’t join us. This group is a great way to start the day… walking with friends.”


We love walking outdoors and have thought about what we may do in the winter. Kim (Kim Adie, Director of Wellbeing) have talked about expanding the group beyond one day a week. Maybe a couple of times a week, because people enjoy it so much. We could also add a stretching class. We’re open to ideas of where this could take us,” Colleen said.

Kim said, “The idea for a walking group has been brought up a lot and I was so thrilled when Colleen said she’d take it on. It’s an amazing way for members to get to know each other while also enjoying the beautiful trail system right across from the Nashua branch. It’s been really special to watch the group grow!”

“This is what the Y is about. When you see people, it makes your day,” Colleen said.

Sign up online through Group Exercise Reservations Calendar or through My Y Connect Mobile App.



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