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My Y Story: Ben Knutson


Ben KnutsonTransformation Through Internship

Ben Knutson is a local Nashua resident and student at Nashua Community College majoring in Communications.  When it came time for Ben to complete his Associate’s Degree by participating in an internship with a community agency he was excited to see that the YMCA of Greater Nashua was included on the list.  Ben was familiar with the Y having participated through his membership and by doing so recently losing a decent amount of weight.  He enjoyed visiting the Y and always thought staff were personable so he was drawn to the organization when the opportunity arose for him to complete his internship with us.  Ben, who’s been with the Y as an intern since January, he has learned how strictly tied it is to the communal aspect.  “You get this impression that non-profits are a front and that they act that way.  But being behind the scenes he sees the work and integrity that goes into it all.”  The events have surprised him the most, he shared that our recent KidsFest in partnership with the Greater Merrimack-Souhegan Valley Chamber, was mind blowing to him, the amount of attendees and organizations involved.

Ben’s favorite part of his internship has been the creative writing opportunities.  He has thoroughly enjoyed sharing stories in a creative way, being able to express and capture and then share those stories.  Part of that process has been interviewing and getting to know members which has been impactful, and in addition gaining feedback from his mentors at the Y.  “I really like the people I’ve met throughout this time, even if it was smaller interactions.  Everyone has a supportive mentality, my work has been appreciated while not being coddled. It’s an environment where I was treated nicely but also encouraged to be the best I can be.”

Ben knew he wanted to go to a community college, but was hesitant to go at first because he felt that path was his only choice. He had a challenging time graduating from high school, due to departing from peers, but he was pleasantly surprised right away with the NCC experience.  Key factors of that were being surrounded by like-minded individuals in the Communications dept. and he shared it was implemental for discovering himself.  Someday Ben may go for his Bachelor’s Degree, but having learned so much from this internship he wants to stop and think about his next steps.  He shared that at NCC it became less about the degree and more about the learning and his internship with the Y has been a support for that process as well.

From swimming at the Y as a child, to a young adult using our facilities to gain stamina and lose weight, to now fulfilling his internship with us, Ben has utilized the Y in so many different and impactful ways along his journey so far. His shared his final thoughts on the organization from his most recent experience, “One thing people should know is the organization has a deep sense of integrity, it’s important for people who care about the Y know that they care for them back.”

Thank you Ben for including us in your life in many ways, we are so glad that the Y has been included in your learning and development!  We appreciate all that you’ve done for us during your internship and wish you the very best.  You have a very bright future ahead!

We’re so proud of our many community partnerships, NCC being just one of them. If you’re passionate about creating opportunities for individuals to thrive, consider supporting the Y’s initiatives. Your contribution opens doors for many, providing access to essential resources and fostering growth. Join us in empowering our community and inspiring hope for brighter futures by donating today!


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