3rd Annual KidsFest

Celebrating Community Spirit

KidsFest: An Impactful Community Collaboration

By: Ben Knutson, a NCC student who is completing an internship with the Y. 

Steve and Son

Steve & Son, Y Family Members

On March 23rd, we celebrated the 3rd annual KidsFest, an event that not only hosts an incredibly fun day for kids, but also gives an excellent platform for businesses to expand their reach. In collaboration with the Greater Merrimack-Souhegan Valley Chamber and the YMCA, along with other local businesses, we partner to offer this exciting event at our Westwood Park Y branch. This year’s KidFest held 1,200 attendees, as well as over 50 vendors, despite the admittedly dreary weather. The event initially began as a way for “kid-oriented” businesses to promote their programs to local families. Over the past years it has expanded far past the initial pitch, becoming a wondrous and joyful event for everyone!

Jeanette & Family, Y Members

Jeanette & Family, Y Members

When walking down the path of seemingly endless vendors, smiles were seen from families all round! Steve, from Merrimack, came to the event to see his two daughters dance and was stunned by the performance. Steve went on to explain his excellent experience with the Y, sharing fond memories of his kids taking swim classes. Another active Y member, Jeanette, from Woburn, Massachusetts, was glad to see everyone come together for this event, stating “it’s great to see what’s going on in the community.” She went on to explain her friend’s involvement at the Triangle Credit Union table, expressing her joy for the networking opportunities this event provides.


Matt & Dave, Franklin Savings Bank

The attendees were not the only people excited throughout the event, the energy was shared from the staff to the vendors. When speaking with Matt, from Franklin Savings Bank, he recounted the joy he felt “helping people, seeing kids smile.” Furthermore, Matt explained his history as a personal banker and how great it felt to help others. Rachel and Wilton, from The Dance Co, delved into their love for dance and how happy it makes them to see the kids they taught be a part of the dance performance. Wilton went on to explain her involvement with the event, recalling when she brought the idea of the event to light in 2019. She expressed how enjoyable it was “talking to new families” and her appreciation for the Y.

Rachel and Wilton

Rachel and Wilton, The Dance Co.

At the Y, we continuously strive to build a proud and positive community. We care for our members and seek any chance we can get to deliver a great experience. The KidsFest is a symbol for our values and we were delighted to see the considerable turnout, regardless of the contrasting weather. We look forward to the next KidsFest, for the opportunity it brings and the joy it emanates throughout the whole building. Thank you to all that came and we are eager to see you, as well as many new faces, at our next annual KidsFest!


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