Superheroes Everywhere

The Superhero Training Academy

It isn’t a bird or a plane.
It’s the Superhero Training Academy.


The Superhero Training Academy is a 10-week program designed to address the needs of children who have been classified as at risk in their schools due to low self-esteem, difficulty with social interactions, and/or with anxiety, leaving them disengaged in their classrooms. The program, launched four years ago, teaches kids about being strong in their mind and body, showing great character and leadership and development of their own superhero persona who works to improve their school community.



Each week, our Y staff visit schools in our community and use the four critical components of superhero training incorporated by the YMCA of Greater Nashua to teach the kids to be their own superheroes by using the four critical components of the training academy:

  1. 1-Superheroes must be healthy and strong;

  2. 2- Superheroes must exhibit strong character in the form of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility;

  3. 3- Superheroes must act for the common good; and

  4. 4-Superheroes must be good leaders in their communities.

Superhero Training Academy StudentsThe program has been so successful that we are now offering the program in three schools: Nashua’s Title 1 Preschool, Dr. Crisp Elementary in Nashua, NH and H.O. Smith Elementary School. Program surveys have been very positive with teachers stating that students seem to be more confident in sharing with the class and are looking forward to the program coming to their school every week.

In addition to becoming superheroes in their family, school and community they also receive free swim lessons so they can help the world on both land AND sea!



The YMCA of Greater Nashua recently graduated over 80 superheroes in early 2018 and we’ve shared pictures of the graduation on our Facebook Page. You can see them by clicking here!

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