Better Economic Opportunity and Freedom Motivates Immigration to United States

My Immigration Story: Terry Reiber



There is a story behind every decision to migrate, what was yours (or your parents)? I wanted better economic opportunity and freedom.

What were your (or your parents) hopes for your new life here? My parents stayed in Canada.

Why did you choose to come to this country instead of somewhere else? I first went to Australia, became a citizen, then moved to the U.S. and became a citizen here. I came here because the United States is still the most free country with the best opportunities.



Who did you come with and who did you leave behind? Did anyone come ahead of you? I came here by myself.

What was the most difficult part about leaving? Moving to where I wouldn’t know anyone.

What was your journey to this new country or community like? I drove my car down from Canada with all my material possessions packed in it.

What most surprised you? How unfriendly Bostonians are. It’s nothing personal.  I’ve become that way myself after 30 years LOL.

What did you miss most about the country you came from? Tim Horton’s coffee.

Who was most helpful with getting you settled? My ex-wife actually.

Migration can be hard. Where did you find strength in difficult times? Just toughed it out, or called old friends.

How do you think that migration has changed you? I have matured quite a bit since coming to the U.S.  My political views are much more developed and I have been financially successful. I’ve met some great people and make it a priority to reach out and become friends with special people.



As time has passed, how does your experience compare to what you expected? Over time I have become financially successful and have a much better life than I would have expected.

What have been your biggest challenges? Getting a green card and U. S. citizenship was a long, arduous journey.

What have been your greatest sources of joy? Friends I’ve made, financial success.

Can you think of times when you have felt unwelcome as an immigrant? What about when you have felt welcomed? I never felt unwelcomed as an immigrant. I felt unwelcomed as a person because Bostonians are so tough LOL. I moved from Massachusetts to New Hampshire and people are way more friendly here.

What are you hoping to accomplish in the future? Enjoying the great friends I have, making a few more friends, and more financial success.

What do you think may get in the way of those dreams? Old age LOL.

What do you think may help your dreams come true? I want to live to be 110 years old with good health!

In what ways do you think migration has made you a stronger person? Being in the right place with the right people around you is the key to a successful life (as well as working, saving and investing while staying healthy).



If someone you knew were planning on coming to this country or community, what would you tell them to expect? Here in NH I think they could expect a lifestyle largely unbothered by others, which is good.

What advice would you give them about whether or not they should come? The United States is still the best country in the world.  I can’t think of anyone who’s life would not improve by coming here.

If they decided to come, what advice would you give them about how to make the best of their experience? Realize it takes time to create your own community of friends and community support.  You may well be lonely at first, or not if you are the sort of person that easily makes connections.

What do you wish more people knew about immigrants or others that are new to the community? Vast majority of people I meet would have no idea that I’m an immigrant and many of us are quite successful, fitting in beautifully.

What are the 2 or 3 most important things that people could do to make the process of coming to a new country or community better? Work hard and give yourself time to figure things out and make new friends/contacts.  Don’t party too much LOL.

Is there anything you would like to add that that has not been asked? I hope that new immigrants come to the U.S. for the same reasons I did.  As large countries go, the U.S. is still the most freedom loving country with the best opportunities.  Let’s keep it that way or even better, building on the strengths of freedom and economic prosperity.

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