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My Y Story: Pat Slide

Pat Slide, YMCA, YMCA of Greater NashuaPAT SLIDE: MEET ME AT THE Y

Pat Slide had a difficult time when her husband of 25 years passed in June 2015. She had been his caretaker for 20 years during his multiple bouts with cancer.  Pat shares that she ‘hit bottom’ after his passing and joined a Grief Support Group through Home Health and Hospice Care. One of her close friends, Janet Richard, from the support group kept asking her to “meet me at the Y.” Pat was adamant that she wasn’t interested in the Y. But her friend persisted. In January 2016 Pat joined her friend for a class and toured the Nashua Y. “This simple statement of ‘meet me at the Y’ changed my life. I’m a whole different person in one year. My journey was very painful but I made it”

Pat walks the indoor track daily recording 6 miles per day on her Fitbit. She lost 20 pounds just by walking and taking classes. Getting more in shape has made her “look more at what I’m eating. I’m a healthy eater. I was not before.”  You can often find Pat working out with the Silver Sneakers group, taking group exercise classes and working out with personal trainers. “What a change for me. When I first joined I looked in the windows of Studio A for weeks. I wanted to do yoga, but I was afraid I couldn’t get up from the floor. (Y Personal Trainer) Dennis (Coleman) knew of my fear and he worked with me before classes to get me comfortable.” She continued, “All of the instructors are kind. They are careful to help you and show you how to do the exercises correctly and use the machines correctly. Really, everyone here is so friendly – the welcome center staff, the housekeeping staff. Everyone. Walking through the doors is like coming home. If I miss a few days, friends I’ve made always greet me with “missed you welcome back!” Y has become my second home! Sign on my door at home “if I’m not home I’m at the Y”

“I was lucky to be my husband’s caregiver, now I’m lucky to build a new life.” Pat will be training to be a volunteer at Hospice and hopes to have a chance to work with people dealing with grief.  She’s looking forward to volunteering with Hospice and giving back. “I’ve been very lucky with good health and the strength I have today. I am grateful and happy.”

Pat, we are grateful and happy that you are at home at the Y! Pat will celebrate her 80th birthday on November 7th and no doubt we will be celebrating with her.

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