Resurfacing Perseverance

My Y Story: Mallory


Denean & Mallory

Mallory’s Story: Resurfacing Perseverance

Imagine being five years old and being so excited for your first swim lesson, only to have it end poorly by a careless mistake.  Mallory was just five when she attended her first lesson at a swim school which ended in her mom, Nichole, having to go in the water and grab her.  Nichole shared that safety was not a priority in that particular program, and it had lasting effects on her daughter.  Soon after the unfortunate event Nichole had Mallory attended lessons at another school, but Mallory was still traumatized and it didn’t work out.

Mallory, now ten years old, reluctantly returned to swim lessons, but now at the Y, because her mom encouraged her to do so and felt she was ready.  “It was truly amazing how many people recommended the Y” Nichole shared about her experience in looking at places to enroll Mallory in, “it has just been night and day.”  Mallory now takes personal lessons with Denean Johnson, the Nashua Y Aquatics Director.  Her confidence has improved and she is learning lifelong skills each time she attends her lessons.  Mallory shared that Denean is “the best swim instructor.  She makes it known that you are safe during lessons.”  She expressed that in her other lessons before the Y, she did not feel as safe.  Before returning to swim lessons Mallory wanted to gain the skills to not only learn to swim but to not be afraid of the water, to just have the confidence to jump in.  Mallory also loves that by gaining how to swim so she can hang out with friends by the pool and water, as well as recognizing that she will learn how to get herself out of any water emergency as well.

Nichole shared that she has seen so much improvement in not just Mallory’s skills and confidence, but now her love of the water.  “She’s like a different kids, because she is enjoying it. It’s so nice seeing her excited and engaged. We’re right where we need to be.”  Nichole shared that during Mallory’s swim lesson hiatus, she and her husband were still bringing her swimming and showing her some skills, but recognized about a year ago that she needed to go back to more formal training.  “Water safety is so important, so we needed to get her comfortable outside of just us teaching her.”  Nichole loves that the Y swim lessons teach safety first, and instill skills for students not to panic.  Nichole and Mallory recently became members of the Y as well, so they look forward to exploring more that the Y has to offer outside of swim.

It’s clear that Mallory is just thriving in her personal swim lessons at the Y.  Her smile and glow just says it all! “I love this place.  I love the Y and my experience has been amazing.  There are no mean people.”


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