Happiness is Key

My Y Story: Mallory Busnach

YMCA, YMCA of Greater Nashua, Achievement Center, Positivity, HappinessMALLORY BUSNACH: HAPPINESS IS KEY

Hi Everyone,

I’m Mallory Busnach, a 6th grade student, here at HMS. My classmates and I are the first students ever to attend the YMCA Achievement Center! At the YMCA it’s not all about the comfy couches and fun games although happiness is key, we also learn valuable life skills. Such as, appreciating difference in others, following your dreams, not letting anyone hold you back, and being grateful. Showing my gratitude towards others is the most important to me. Gratitude is acknowledging all that others do for you. In other words, thanking them. You could show appreciating for new opportunities and all that you already possess.

In this class, I have enjoyed many new experiences such as, journaling, meditating, and performing random acts of kindness. One random act of kindness that was a very special moment for me was drawing hand-made Christmas cards for the local nursing home. It made me feel good to spread kindness and holiday cheer.

This experience has taught me to be kind, positive, grateful, brave, and so much more! These impactful lessons were taught by the one-and-only, Mrs. Mitchell. She’s inspired me to work my hardest, and never give up! Even a little about not growing up too fast. She has educated me so much! And I hope she will pass her wisdom on to you.

Thank you so much for your time, it was such an honor.

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