Mother Daughter Y Time

My Y Story: Katie and Cindy Whaley

Katie and Cindy WhaleyMOTHER DAUGHTER Y TIME

As a fully-remote worker for the past three years, Y member Katie Whaley appreciates the connections she has made at the Y. “Coming to a class is my social interaction. I get my fair share of social interaction at the Y!,” she said. An additional benefit is the mother/daughter bond she shares with her mom, Cindy Whaley. “I joined the Y about five years ago when my mom asked me to come with her. I used to bring my daughter and she enjoyed KidStop. Getting to the Y was a struggle, but utilizing KidStop made me not feel guilty.”

“My accountability to myself is easier since my mom got me into classes. She pulled me in. It’s easier in a group environment. Members are friendly and I’ve made instant friends. Being at the Y is a great support system. Some of my best friends are ones I’ve met at the Y over the past four to five years. I’ve loved being a part of Liz (Y staff member Liz Kaas) journey to become a Spin instructor. (Liz just joined the Y over a year ago full-time as Director of Health and Wellness – Personal Training).  She’s one of my close friends and we met at the Y! I love the wide variety of classes (especially Spin and Zumba!) and I probably wouldn’t have tried these if I wasn’t at the Y. I really value the staff at the Y. “

Cindy shares her daughter’s joy of their Y time: “I really look forward to seeing how almost every morning during the week I get to work-out with my daughter. We don’t always plan it, and it’s special when we just see each other at the Y in the morning. We love Zumba and cycling and dance!” Cindy has been a Y family member since 2008. “My favorite is cycling. It must be, I get up at 6:00am for it!,” she said. Other favorite classes include Zumba with Leslie and Latin Rhythm with Iraida. “The teachers all make you feel welcome. They challenge you to try something new. They push me out of my comfort zone. They are very encouraging. It’s great!,” Cindy said.

Through the years, Cindy’s four kids (now adults) were connected with different parts of Y programming, including swim team. “At first I just waited for my kids when they were in programs. I met a lot of people (swim team families) and they were like extended family. I’ve made a lot of friends at the Y.“

“If you want to see a room lit up, take a class with Cindy and Katie! Their mother-daughter relationship is dynamic, and their commitment to wellness is inspiring. They will cheer you on, see your worth, and celebrate every victory!,” Liz said.

Katie is close with her mom and shares, “Mom is my pace car. When she goes to the Y, I have to go. It’s nice to see her everyday. We both love our Y time.”

Katie’s daughter Aubree (now age 8) enjoys Camp Sargent and Camp Create in the summer. Aubree was enrolled in the Early Education Center’s preschool program. “Aubree has made so many friends at the Y, especially friends from other schools and friends that she met in preschool. She reconnected with them in school. Childcare and camp at the Y has been a godsend for our family.” Aubree also loves Kids Zumbo and Family Yoga. Katie’s husband has enjoyed lap swimming and weight lifting over the years. “I keep telling him he should try the MX4 (small group or individual functional training). I think he’d love it.”

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