Joy Wears Many Hats at the YMCA and Loves Every Minute

My Y Story: Joy Devins


Joy Devins wears many  YMCA hats: member, Board member, camper parent, donor, and Y ambassador in the community!

“Belonging to the Y feels like belonging to a true community center. My first introduction to the Y was after I had my children and I wanted to get back in shape. I needed to get back to fitness and activity, as well as getting back out in the community after maternity leave,“ Y member Joy said.  Fast forward a few years, I got pretty sick with Lyme disease. The best medicine at the time for me was my work and my physical activity. Yes, I had to adjust and modify my workouts, but I had the support of my Y instructors. The Y was a safe environment for me to regain my strength, my confidence, and workout at my own pace,” said Joy Devins

“At this point of my life, I focus on maintaining the best fitness for myself and the best conditioning. It might be my own perception, right or wrong, but I think sometimes people feel that they have to go to other gyms for the more challenging types of workouts and classes! I wholeheartedly disagree! The classes and instructors push you, challenge you, and help you get the absolute most out of your workout.  And yet, anyone can modify or go at their own pace, as needed, depending on what they are feeling that day. I love my classes. I love the range and diverse backgrounds of the members. I go to work out, but am part of a community having a great time and making friends,” she added.

Joy’s children, Chase, age 17 and Saige, age 14, also enjoy the Y. They both workout to get in condition for ice hockey.  “The kids do self-guided workouts. My daughter also works with (personal trainer) Justin Sullivan for additional conditioning for hockey.” Both of Joy’s teens play hockey for Nashua High School South and her son Chase is team captain.

Chase and Saige also went to summer camp at the Y. “They went to camp for a few years when they were younger. It was fantastic. I didn’t have to shop around to check different camps. We knew the Y was a good fit. The hours worked. The activities worked. It all worked,” she shared.

Joy joined the YMCA’s Board of Directors in 2020. When asked about this volunteer role, she shared “It’s hard work, but it’s the most fulfilling work. Serving on the Board is fun and engaging, and it feels great that my service supports so many different families. There’s amazing stuff going on at the Y, as it adapts rapidly to both exciting trends and evolving community needs. I love that our Y is driven by such a strong and creative staff.  I am privileged to support their efforts and serve with my fellow board members to make an impact.

“My family is proud to financially support the Y. As a Board member, I know the inner workings and all that the leadership and staff are doing in the now—and what they are planning for the future—and absolutely I want to fuel that! I think of the impact of the recent summer camp session (I think highest numbers ever) or kids being tutored at the Y during the pandemic. I have no doubt that our investment has made a difference. If they Y is my happy place, I know it’s the happy place for so many and of course I would volunteer my time and provide financial support to make that happen.

Joy and her husband Mark have just joined the YMCA of Greater Nashua’s Heritage Club. Membership in the Heritage Club honors those who have made a commitment to provide for the future of our YMCA. Heritage Club members, by their current or planned gift, ensure that Y programs will ensure our ability to positively impact our community for generations to come. There are a variety of ways to remember the YMCA. It can be as simple as writing a check, giving appreciated stock, or naming the YMCA as beneficiary of a life insurance policy. Gifts may be restricted to a specific YMCA program, or if unrestricted, your gift gives the YMCA the flexibility to help areas of greatest need.


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