Reclaiming Health with LIVESTRONG

My Y Story: Dot McCaffrey

LIVESTRONG, YMCA, YMCA of Greater Nashua, Achieving Our Goals TogetherThe American Cancer Society estimates that almost 9,000 people in New Hampshire will experience a new cancer diagnosis in 2016.  Tens of thousands are cancer survivors.

Lifesaving treatment, and the cancer itself, take their toll.  Cancer survivors describe living with a “new normal” – emotionally and physically.

Dot McCaffrey was diagnosed with cancer in April 2011.  After treatment, she joined the YMCA of Greater Nashua’s LIVESTRONG in 2013.

“After that wonderful experience,” says Dot, “I became a volunteer in the program and have been there with seven additional groups. LIVESTRONG builds an individual fitness program and builds a supportive group dynamic among participants who share the common experience of trying to go back to a “normal” life after facing cancer and all the difficulties associated with that diagnosis.  I love Livestrong.  I love the Y.  I am so grateful for all this wonderful program has given to me.”

In 2016, 200 Nashua-area people reclaimed their health after a cancer diagnosis through LIVESTRONG at the YMCA of Greater Nashua.

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