A Quest to Get Healthy for Transplant Surgery

My Y Story: David Crotzer


Meet Y member and inventor David Crotzer! When David retired from his career as a medical devices engineer in April of 2019, it gave him more time to explore his passion: inventing. One project alone garnered him 14 patents. He invented a microprocessor socket for computers used for ATMs at banks.

Shortly after retirement, David faced some medical challenges. Last January he had open-heart surgery at Catholic Medical Center in Manchester. “After three days in the hospital I came home. Part of my recovery program was to start an exercise regimen under the direction of my cardiologist at Southern New Hampshire Hospital.  I met with Kim Adie (YMCA Healthy Living Director) and discussed my goals. I joined walking program at the Y, called Walking with Ease. We started with a 15-minute warmup inside, walking the track, followed by a half hour walk outside, and another 15 minutes back inside cooling down on the track. I also participated in Enhanced Fitness (now called BOOST), an aerobic program held at the Westwood Park Y.

Kim Adie said, “BOOST is a small group training program perfect for individuals looking to get back to fitness. We see all kinds of participants from people who have never exercised before to those who used to be avid gym-goers recovering after surgery or health issues. Classes focus on weights and cardio that can help build strength, increase flexibility and improve balance. Certified instructors keep the group small so each participant can get the attention they need.”

Through his Y participation, David has met his goals with great success. He initially struggled to walk the track for long periods of time. He now can jog around the track.

“I first met Dave when he joined Boost to help him prepare for a Kidney Transplant. From the very first class, you could tell Dave was on a mission to improve his physical health. He comes into every class with a positive attitude, a fun personality, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to become stronger,” said Eirikur Holt,

His success is important as he faces another surgery soon. “I am currently on Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC) in Lebanon, NH, kidney waiting list for surgery. I have a kidney donor under evaluation and looking for a backup. I met with doctors at DHMC last June for a review and test requirements for completion before consideration for being accepted to be on the list for a kidney donation. The first requirement from testing was open-heart surgery at CMC. The surgeons replaced an arterial valve and did two coronary bypasses. My cardiologist at SNH, the dialysis team at DaVita Clinic and the transplant team at DHMC are impressed with my physical conditioning from the YMCA programs, especially after my recent open heart surgery.”

“I’ve taken my health journey seriously and appreciate my time at the Y. I started last March with two days of walking at the YMCA in Nashua and two days of aerobics and weight lifting at the YMCA at the Westwood Park facility.”

David schedules his Y time around four days a week of dialysis that he does at his home. He shares that he’s met great people in his classes. He enjoys catching up with them each session. “We talk about life experiences, how we are doing in the classes. The instructors are very helpful and courteous. It’s fun to be there. I attend every session. It’s meaningful to me,” he said.

“David’s progress at the Y has been brilliant. He’s an amazing example of what taking that first step towards healthy changes can do. It has been an honor to be a part of his health journey and help him achieve his goals,” Kim Adie shared.


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