Temporary Work Assignment Leads to Forever Friends

My Y Story: Alex Fox

Alex Fox

Here we are with YMCA member and fellow Pickleballer Dave Hall (Dave, Birgit, Alex) on our final night in Nashua. We had a little happy hour get together with our pickleball friends at 110 Grill.


My wife Birgit is a travel nurse and accepted an assignment at Southern Medical Center in downtown Nashua from late October 2022 through late January 2023. I traveled with her for this contract and we stayed at the Residence Inn at Trafalgar Square. I was able to work remotely but still had a lot of time on my hands, especially when Birgit was at work. I really wanted someplace I could go besides the hotel lobby. I found the Westwood Y, and it made an enormous difference in our Nashua experience!

We are both avid pickleball players, so I had already done some advance research on where to play while we were in town. A few days after we arrived we visited the courts at Fields Grove Park and met some of the local players. They recommended that we check out the Westwood Y since many of them play there as well, so I dropped in the week after we arrived and was given a tour. The facility was very impressive; clean, well lit and obviously meticulously maintained. I signed up for a membership on the spot.

When Birgit would go off to work in the morning, I would grab some coffee and head to the Y. Sometimes I would participate in the MX4 classes, but most days I would just play pickleball for at least 2 or 3 hours. Eventually we converted to a couples membership so that Birgit could join me on her days off.

Since I was there nearly every morning, I became very friendly with the local Pickleball crowd and as the weeks went by they “adopted” us into their little family for the duration of our stay. The Y really became a home away from home for us and the time we spent there made our time in Nashua far more special than we could have imagined. The Y was a comfortable, welcoming place where we would not only get some exercise but spend valuable hours with our new friends.

Chris and the staff were always attentive, responsive and super friendly. We will remember Nashua and the Westwood Y very fondly and look forward to dropping in for a few games of Pickleball when we eventually return to see our friends, with whom we plan on keeping in touch for years to come. Thanks to you all for maintaining such a wonderful facility!

-Alex Fox





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