Early Learning Readiness Program

At the Arlington Street Community Center


The Y’s Early Learning Readiness (ELR) program builds on the assets of informal caregivers.

The Y’s Early Learning Readiness Program provides a stimulating environment for children to play and learn, developing the physical, verbal and social skills they’ll need to start school ready to succeed. Children and caregivers attend the program together — young learners get a stimulating, preschool-like experience and their caregivers receive support and skill-building to replicate these experiences at home. We will serve children and their families from 6 weeks old to kindergarten age. The end result is that children will be ready to learn and caregivers will be able to help them get there.


Meeting Times and Length

Early Learning Readiness will run in 8 week sessions, starting Fall 2017, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:00am-10:00am. The ELR program will be held at the new Arlington Street Community Center near Dr. Crisp Elementary School. The program will run for further 8 week sessions throughout the school year.


Age Appropriate Centers and Themes

Centers around the room will include language to help support communication and positive interaction between the caregivers and children. Each center will have a modification and extension to suit each child’s developmental needs. There will be monthly themes. These themes will include seasons, weather, senses etc.

Below are the 13 centers of which we will choose 6 each day:

  1. Blocks

  2. Dramatic Play

  3. Gross Motor Play

  4. Indoor Art

  5. Listening library

  6. Manipulatives

  7. Math

  8. Playdough

  9. Puzzles

  10. Science

  11. Infant/Toddler

  12. Snack/Cooking

  13. Writing



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