A Lifetime Member

My Y Story: Greg Derderian

In 1949 at the age of 5, Greg Derderian became a member of the Y in Nashua and quickly became more involved than he could have anticipated.

By age 11, Greg was the Vice-President of the 1st Nashua Y Leaders Group, volunteering to assist with physical education programs at the Y.

By age 13, he was playing in the Y’s Basketball league, and was working at Camp Sargent by the time he reached age 16.

As he got older, Greg volunteered quite a bit of his time at the Y, first as a swim team assistant coach, then as the coach to the Y’s swim team during their 18-year championship run, before moving on to run the Y’s Church Basketball League, and more recently, serving on the Steering Committee for the new Nashua Y.

Greg says the Y has been an important part of his life for over 62 years, and he enjoys both the physical activity and the volunteering.  According to Greg, the Y has improved the quality of his life especially after some of the health challenges he has faced over the years and as a grandfather, he depends on his daily racquetball games to keep him in shape for many more years to come.

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