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My Y Story: Dave deBronkart

Dave deBrokart“You don’t want to get diabetes, if you can prevent it. Baby Boomers are living longer and having an expanded life is a reason to stay healthy,” said Greater Nashua YMCA member Dave deBronkart. After his doctor diagnosed him as being at-risk for Type 2 diabetes, deBronkart enrolled himself in the Y’s Diabetes Prevention Program in November 2014.

“I’m a stage four kidney cancer survivor. I didn’t want to get something like Diabetes after everything I went through,” he said. In a matter of 6 months in the program, he found success as he saw an increase in strength and stamina and he also lost 30 pounds and dropped two clothing sizes. “Health is social. There is a big difference when you work with others. Information alone doesn’t change behavior. I bought a heart rate monitor and Garmin wristband to track my activity. Gadgets don’t get it done either. It’s a combination that brings a strong change.”

DeBronkart cites that the Y’s Diabetes Prevention Program isn’t overly complicated. The information is easy to understand and follow. He also said that you don’t need to make miserable sacrifices to be successful. His wife is also very supportive and actively involved with his life changes, which included an increase in physical activity and being more aware of the food that they ate.

“The program took a lot of work, but wasn’t really hard to do. I’ve never been athletic or a jock. I didn’t need to turn my life inside out to accomplish what I did.”

– Dave deBronkart
YMCA Member and DPP Participant

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