Prescribe the Y

A 10-week childhood obesity prevention initiative

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Get Healthier, Get Active

We are so proud of the outcomes from our Prescribe the Y youth obesity prevention initiative!

Children between ages 6-13 are referred to the no-cost, 10-week program by their pediatrician. The family receives a 10-week complimentary Y membership to improve healthy habits for the whole family while the child is in the program, followed by an additional six-month family membership once the child completes the program. Families learn wellness strategies for healthy cooking, reading nutrition labels, and incorporating exercise to become the healthiest versions of themselves. Last year, we helped pave the way to a healthier future for 93 youth right here in our community!

41.5% increase in fruit and vegetable consumption
26% decrease in soda consumption
33.5% decrease in other sugary beverage consumption (juice & sports drinks)
33% increase in consumption of low-fat milk
52% decrease in hours of television watched
46% decrease in hours of video games played
53% increase in hours of exercise
23% increase in self-esteem.

“Before the program, we were not active and not eating too healthy. When we started the program, we learned so much in nutrition class and it helped us eat better and make better choices on the foods we eat. Since exercise class we have been more active. We feel great about ourselves. We would recommend the program because it helped us feel better about ourselves and our self-esteem is great. It’s a great program, we enjoyed the session.”
–The Infante Family

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